FineXT 5205

Automated Flexible Bonding Platform

The FineXT 5205 is a fully automated micro assembly platform with multi-technology capability for prototyping and manufacturing.

The modular architecture with interchangeable process modules supports a diverse range of applications. A freely configurable multi-head interface for up to five working heads enables free combinations of different bonding technologies in one assembly procedure.

Enhanced with automatic material handling and tool management as well as advanced handling of 3D substrates / MID, this ensures highest flexibility to meet specific process requirements of today and tomorrow. The FineXT 5205 is your pathway to assembling very complex and technically advanced products in larger numbers.

  • FineXT 5205


  • True multi-chip, multi placement capability
  • Epoxy and eutectic processes in one machine 
  • Up to 3 different epoxies in one pass
  • Die presentation in gel and waffle packs
  • High-speed and high-accuracy operating modes


  • Proven automatic assembly platform based on gantry system
  • Open system platform with standardized interface
  • Wide range of available bonding technologies
  • 3D vision system and 3D substrate support
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software
  • Built-in quality control function
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Two-side access to electronic drawer and gantry parts


  • High stability, accuracy and process reproducibility
  • Easy retrofit of modules and functions as requirements change from product development to manufacturing
  • One machine for complex micro assembly and multi-chip applications
  • 3D assembly capability
  • Safe and ergonomic workplace
  • Process traceability for your product
  • Easy to move and install
  • Service-friendly and easy to maintain


  • Soldering (AuSn / eutectic, Indium, C4)
  • Ultrasonic / Thermosonic bonding
  • Thermocompression bonding
  • Laser-assisted bonding
  • Adhesive technologies (epoxy stamping, dipsensing, dipping)
  • UV curing / thermal curing
  • Active alignment
  • Mechanical assembly


  • Precise die bonding (face up)
  • Flip chip bonding (face down)
  • MEMS / MOEMS / sensor packaging
  • Camera module assembly
  • 3D / MID bonding
  • Area array bonding
  • Die stacking
  • Flex bonding
  • Optical inspection
  • SMD assembly